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Building on a foundation of proven tools and services, Avalon enables and empowers equipment vendors and their sales representatives to achieve increased revenues and profits.

" Lost Sales equals Lost Profits." Avalon's breadth of lease programs combined with our significant industry experience present unparalleled value to vendors who market equipment or software to other businesses. Given that an estimated 80% of all U.S. companies lease equipment, the possibility of lost sales is significant unless leasing is used consistently as a marketing tool. Avalon specializes in custom vendor programs, in addition to these standard programs.

Special Vendor Services

Customized Quoting Tools

Avalon Access is an online tool that easily allows vendors to create quotes, proposals, and applications complete with company logo and identity. With the ability to provide potential customers with leasing quotes in mere seconds, Avalon's vendors have found this to be invaluable to their sales efforts.

Front Funding

Avalon is able to advance 50% of the value of a lease approval to qualified vendors prior to delivery. This helps vendors with cash flow, and often enables them to take advantage of discounts offered by their suppliers. Call (888) 332-8007 for details or complete our profile form.

Pre-Qualification Services

NEW! Avalon now offers our vendors credit and lease qualification services. Acting as your credit department, Avalon Leasing will investigate your potential customer's credit history. This may significantly reduce your bad debt expense. In addition, we provide an estimated lease line of credit, subject to final credit review. Contact us for complete details.

Revenue Sharing

We offer vendors the opportunity to share in residual income for true leases or rentals placed with us. This program is excellent for technology equipment vendors who desire the opportunity to generate income both currently and in the future at no additional expense. Vendor shared income can reach thousands of dollars per month.

Fast Turn Around

Most applications under $75,000- receive a credit reply inside one business day, sometimes in as little as one hour! In many cases a lease application can be approved, and the customer will have lease documents that same day for signing.

One Point of Contact

From quotation through lease funding David and Margaret provide fast, efficient, and friendly service. We have a combined thirty-four years experience doing so. Being vendor driven, we have a complete understanding of the importance of your sale. That being said, as a team we work hard to ensure the lease application is approved promptly, that documents are sent within hours, and then follow up with the lessee to expedite the fast return of the lease. This leaves you, the salesperson, free to sell rather than having to focus on financial matters.

Popular Lease Programs

Application Only to $150,000

Perfect for closely held companies for whom privacy is a major concern, Avalon Leasing is able to offer credit approvals for equipment leases to $150,000- on the strength of a one page credit form. Continue to Application.

Lease and Cash

UNIQUE! Your customer can lease equipment and Avalon can add up to 33% of the equipment cost additional in the way of cash directly to the customer which may be used for virtually any business purpose. This infusion of cash allows your customer to expand, pay for build out, or one of many other uses. Your value to the customer increases, helping cement a long term relationship.

Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease

Perfect for technology equipment vendors. FMV, or true leases, allow your customer to rent the equipment for a period of time matching the realistic life span of the technology. Using true leases encourages customers to always have up –to – date technology while also making it easy for the original vendor to secure a new sale at the lease end date. Other benefits to the customer include substantial tax savings, often equal to about 40% of the monthly lease payment. This helps justify your sale, since the after tax cost is the true expense to the customer. View Sample After-Tax Savings.

One Dollar Option

The one dollar purchase option program is valuable for customers who desire to own the equipment at the end of term. This is best for durable equipment, or for customers who recognize the value of retaining cash is greater than that of the nominal expense of a capital lease. Your clients may depreciate the equipment, reducing their cost of ownership. View Sample After-Tax Savings.

100% Software

Does your company sell software solutions? Avalon Leasing offers software leasing and additionally permits the inclusion of data conversion, updates, and training in the total financed. Our staff is experienced in software leasing, thereby helping vendors increase sales by enabling them to present complete software solutions at reasonable monthly payments to their clientele.

Municipal and Not-for-Profit

Avalon's significant experience in the town and city and non-profit market places allow you to compete effectively when pursuing these sales opportunities. Our municipal leases offer superior rates and proper non-appropriations of funds clauses. Non profit organizations receive special consideration and pricing as well. Contact us for custom, case by case rates.

Deferral, Seasonal, Annual, etc.

In the event your customer's budget does not commence for a period of months Avalon can write a deferred payment lease. The customer makes nominal “contact” payments for up to six months, then standard payments commence. This allows you to close a sale now, rather than waiting for the next budget period.

A word on too good to be true FMV rates…..

At times vendors are offered fantastic FMV rates by our competition. Rates that seem fantastically low. While these can be tempting in order to secure the sale or boost yield, they should be avoided at all costs for the following reasons:

  • The residual booked by the leasing company is usually north of 30%.
  • The lessor usually has unreasonable terms of required notification to return the equipment at lease term, such as between 90 and 180 days before the lease ends. Most companies do not realize the lease is up until the very end of the term.
  • The renewal period, mandatory if not notified, is usually one more year of payments. This does not include the purchase option amount.
  • Adding all these renewals and fees, the end residual paid by the customer can be 50-70% of the original lease amount!

Protect your relationship with your customer. The cost of entering into a lease that is not "friendly" can damage your reputation. View our Vendor Commitment.