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Vendor Partnering with Avalon Leasing

Selecting a leasing organization that truly understands your business is paramount to the long term success of your company. Our ten vendor promises provide a greater insight as to why equipment suppliers nationwide select Avalon Leasing as their lessor of choice.

Avalon's vendor commitment has three primary elements.

  • Avalon Leasing's primary goal is to assist our vendor partners by providing financial sales tools that meet specific marketing needs. In other words, we will, at no charge, customize a lease marketing plan that maximizes profits for your organization by fulfilling both vendor and customer needs based on specific needs and traits.
  • When interacting with your customers Avalon will present a professional, polished image at all times. We recognize that our organization is a reflection of yours, and at all times present ethical, fairly priced lease options to your clientele.
  • Finally, Avalon seeks long term partners who appreciate the value inherent in the superior services we provide. Avalon intends on earning your patronage, not being given it. Our dedication and level of personal services will far surpass your level of expectations.

Our Vendor Promises

Our Ten Promises to you, our Vendor Partner:

  1. Avalon's staff will promptly assist you with respect, courtesy and swift efficiency.
  2. Your customers will receive the same professional care as you do.
  3. Our vendor's welfare and sale are our primary concern, and Avalon Leasing will work earnestly to achieve success for you along those lines.
  4. We will attempt to approve your transaction at the best terms possible.
  5. Avalon will attempt to expedite credit replies within eight hours or less.
  6. No customers will be “evergreened” on true leases except month by month if the lessee so desires.
  7. As a vendor you will be kept apprised of the status of your lease transaction throughout the entire process, including funding.
  8. We value your business, and, whenever possible will do what we can to help ensure your business stays successful. This includes providing customized leasing tools, services and marketing solutions at no charge.
  9. Our funding partners are the best in the business, carefully hand selected by our officers. As such, your customers will receive the best of care throughout the entire term of the lease.
  10. We never give your customer information to anyone except those on a need to know basis. Your customer is just that…yours. Avalon is pleased to be entrusted to provide them with attractive leases while helping you close a sale.

If we ever fail to live up to our Promises, let David Meltzer, Avalon's President, know immediately. Feel free to call him at (770) 640-5757 or (888) 332-8007 toll free to discuss your specific situation.