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Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

At Avalon, our vendors are our partners in every sense of the word. One of our commitments to you is to help you understand everything you need to know about leasing with Avalon.

How do Avalon's leasing programs help me sell more?

Just as very few people pay cash for homes and cars, many companies prefer to lease their equipment rather than pay cash for it. Offering leasing enables a salesperson to close more sales since the benefit of using the equipment, which generally has a payback, is matched to a reasonable monthly payment. A low monthly payment also enables you to preserve profit margins since the monthly cost becomes the primary focus rather than the sales price.

What benefits are there for my customers who elect to lease?

In addition to immediate usage of the equipment, many leases have tax deductible payments or provide other tax benefits. An indication of typical customer tax benefits is here. Leasing may lower your customerís overall costs by about 40%! Also, leasing allows your clients to retain cash for expansion, payroll, inventory, and other productive needs.

I don't want to get involved in finance. How much help does Avalon provide?

We recognize the fact your time is most profitably spent selling, and accordingly Avalonís staff provides complete vendor and lessee care. In other words, our services include customer contact, quote generation, obtaining the credit application, document preparation and expressing, and overnight payment to our vendors. The vendor is kept fully informed the entire time. This leaves you free to sell, which is how a vendor salesperson earns their income.

What is Avalon Access?

Avalon Access is our customized lease quotation tool developed as a proprietary marketing tool for Avalon Leasing vendors. Ten lease payments are generated in mere seconds online featuring your own companyís look and feel. The payments may be saved and emailed, printed, and are retained in your database. Call us at (888) 332-8007 for more information or to register. There is no charge to do so.

Is it easy to calculate a payment?

There are two ways to calculate payments. Using Access produces a grid of ten payments in under 20 seconds, including log in time. Alternatively, Avalon has easy to use rate sheets to establish payments to the penny. Contact us to receive rate information or click here to reach the calculator.

My customers' credit histories vary. What are your credit criteria?

Our goal is to help you close as many sales as possible, and as such, Avalon attempts to approve a wide variety of credits. We have funding sources throughout the U.S. that have varying credit appetites. Here are general guide lines:

Yrs in
General Terms
A Credit Good to excellent company credit.
Guaranty may not be required for established companies.
2+ Pay bills on time, solid personal credit.
Corporations have good overall credit history. Best rates.
B Credit or Newer* Good to a few derogatory items showing.
Personal guaranty usually required.
6 mos+ Some minor credit blemishes acceptable, but must be explained. Payment slightly higher than A credit.
C Credit or Start up* Number of negative items Need explaining. 2+ Dings need complete explanation. No Bankruptcy considered. Rates higher to allow for risk.

* Newer businesses, 1 year or less, require proposal and are considered B customers even if excellent credit. Brand new businesses can be considered, considered C rated.

Am I responsible if a leasing customer goes out of business or defaults?

Vendors are not responsible if a lessee defaults. We do ask you make no representations regarding financing beyond payment quotation however. Your equipment delivered must be new unless we are notified in advance, and it must match the invoice.

When can I expect to be paid?

Avalon pays vendor invoices, assuming delivery has occurred, within one or two days. Your check is sent overnight service.

Does Avalon front fund, or pre-pay lease transactions?

The TOP concern for vendors is cash flow, and Avalon has responded. Transactions of $20,000.00 or more can be 50% front funded, or paid in advance of delivery. The vendor must be approved (Vendor Enrollment Form here) to receive this continuing benefit.

I worry that you will control my customer. What assurance do I have my customer will be treated ethically?

Your customer is just that, yours. Our mode of operations is to enhance, not detract nor endanger your relationship with your customer. Avalon carefully hand selects reputable funding partners thus assuring your customers will be treated fairly and courteously. Furthermore, we never, ever, roll a FMV customer into a one year renewal. Never.

What training is provided?

If located within a reasonable driving time on site training is provided. Otherwise, telephone training, including on line demos of Avalon Access, is performed.

Do you provide customized services for my products and markets?

Yes. Many vendors have unique markets or products they sell. Avalonís key strength is being able to customize a program directed towards your clientele that will enhance your marketing efforts while increasing sales and profit margins. A comprehensive program can be created including promoting your identity to your customer base. Avalon also is pleased to assist at trade shows, sales meetings, and so on.

Does Avalon pay outside commission to my sales reps or to my company?

Part of partnering with vendors is protecting them. To avoid potential litigation from your customers ( read, law suits) Avalon Leasing does not pay referral fees or points to any vendor or sales representative. We do not recommend accepting them in any case.

How do I set up a leasing partnership with Avalon?

Setting up a vendor relationship is fast and easy. Complete our Vendor Enrollment Form or call David Meltzer toll free at (888) 332-8007.