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Types of Leases

Avalon Leasing has lease programs that fit virtually any business need.

Avalon Leasing offers a wide variety of leasing programs designed to fulfill virtually any reasonable leasing need. Our primary goal is to ensure your specific lease produces the maximum financial benefit to your company. Monthly payment, tax consequences, equipment payback, and equipment life span are all important factors. Feel free to call us for advice—toll free at 888-332-8007.

NOTE: In addition to leases, we now offer Working Capital Loans to $150,000.

Fair Market Value Lease

The Fair Market Value (FMV) lease option is an excellent option when the underlying leased equipment has a relatively short life span or is subject to wear and tear.

Fair Market Value option leases have the lowest payments and usually produce tax savings in the 35% - 40% range, depending on the lessee's tax bracket. The leasing company holds title, and at the end of term the lessee has three options available:

  1. acquire the equipment for the then fair value
  2. continue to rent the equipment
  3. return the equipment.

Excellent choice for technology equipment. View sample tax savings.

Ten Percent Fixed Option Lease

The Ten Percent Option fixes the end of term option at ten percent of the original funding amount.

This option offers a lower payment to the customer while placing a cap on the end of term cost to buy the equipment. The Ten Percent Option program reduces the lessee's payment for the term of the lease while providing end of term maximum exposure as to FMV determination. The option of ten percent may be a true option, or, if desired, committed to by the lessee as a final payment. For tax purposes, the Ten Percent Fixed Option Lease is generally treated as a Capital Lease. View sample tax savings.

One Dollar Option Lease

The one dollar option passes title to the leasing customer at the end of the lease term. This is also known as a capital or finance lease.

A popular selection, this lease is best used for long-life equipment that will be certainly kept by the lessee. It is similar to a loan, except only the equipment is secured whereas bank loans generally secure most or all business assets. The dollar option lease can produce immediate tax savings under Section 179 Expensing, as demonstrated here.

Contact Avalon for information and a comparative analysis of FMV to One Dollar Leases—performed at no charge.

100% Software Lease

Software required to reach peak business efficiencies can require a significant expenditure of funds. Avalon’s Software Lease Finance Program is your solution.

Having recognized the value of software to business operations, Avalon Leasing finances software project implementations, including data migration, training, and services. Avalon’s Software Lease allows 100% of the project costs to be financed, helping your company achieve its financial and growth goals expeditiously. Terms up to 60 months permitted at excellent rates.

Step Up Lease

Need equipment now, but your budget starts later?

No problem……Avalon permits up to six months of heavily reduced payments while your company benefits from the use of the equipment. Payments can be as low as $100 per month.

Not-For-Profit and Municipal Customers

Avalon has significant experience in these specialized markets. Benefit from our vast experience in helping NFP and Municipal customers acquire the lease financing they need.

Avalon Leasing features municipal leases with rates as low as the mid single digits, and we also have a thorough understanding of the specific needs and challenges facing NFP organizations. Both single takedown and master lease lines available.

Working Capital Loans - NEW!

Secure up to $150,000 in cash for your company's business needs—with no equipment needed. Our fastest growing finance product, call for information.

Avalon’s fixed rate Working Capital Loan program makes funds available for expansion, marketing, advertising, inventory... virtually any business need. The loans carry a fixed payment and have no points and no annual fees. Qualify your company for a Working Capital Loan now.