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Avalonís wide network of funding sources allow us the flexibility to approve leasing customers who have superb credit down to brand new start up customers.

Every company has their own unique credit profile. Avalon's ability to access to a wide network of lenders assures your company the best possible chance of approval at favorable terms.

Important Credit Factors

Company Credit History: Trade lines should reflect a prompt payment history to company suppliers. Slightly slow trade payments, to 30+ days late, are often approvable under our B and C credit programs.

Personal Credit Profile: Avalon, like most leasing companies, seeks the personal guaranty of the owner(s) of smaller, closely held firms. Excellent personal credit is a strong, proven predictor of the health of the company. Timely payment histories on mortgages, loans, and credit cards are desirable. Some minor slowness is often acceptable with a slight increase in rate or additional down payment being required. In general, FICO© scores over 650 to 670 are desired, but lower credit scores can often be approved under different terms. Avalon offers free credit prequalification.

Equipment and Use: A number of factors regarding equipment are important. Avalon reviews the essential use of the equipment, any income produced or savings realized, and the life span of the asset. Equipment that holds its value well may receive true lease payments as low as 0% rate on the stream of payments! Avalon's lending network has a variety of equipment appetites, so virtually all equipment except that of a hazardous nature can be leased. In addition we offer 100% software financing as well as working capital loans. Find out more about working capital loans.

Time in Business: Companies that are well established with consistent profitability achieve the best possible rates. The longer a company has been in business the more stable it tends to be. However, our programs include providing leasing to companies that are new in business or just have a year or two of operating history. Few lending institutions are able to compete with Avalon regarding assisting newer businesses. Here is our new business credit application and profile form.

Transaction Specifics: The dollar request, length of lease term, and use of equipment are carefully reviewed. Avalon prefers open communications with an officer of the lease applicant for midsize to larger transactions to gain a complete understanding of the applicant's business, their financial health, and how the equipment benefits them. This enables us to improve their chance of obtaining the best possible approval at favorable rates and terms.

Overall Picture: Credit is a very grey area, and while many leasing companies use credit scoring models to approve or deny credit we do not. Avalon listens to your specific needs and story in order to obtain the best possible lease for you!We spend extra time doing write ups when required, and then attempt to approve your application under excellent terms and conditions. In other words, helping our leasing customers attain their goals is our primary concern. Our commitment includes promptness, fairness, and always a best efforts basis to achieve a lease approval given your specific needs.