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When Avalon Leasing commenced operations in 1996, we were determined to provide leasing customers with more than just good service. It had to be excellent service, in keeping with the mission statement we established as the foundation of our corporation. After more than a decade of serving vendors and lessees, we are pleased to still adhere to our initial high standards of honesty, integrity and hard work.

Vendor Testimonials

We have been using Avalon Leasing for over ten years having
discovered their rates to be competitive. Dave has been instrumental in
procuring and processing our customerís paperwork. It has been a
business relationship that has led our business to grow due to the
smooth, prompt and efficient service we have experienced.
Victor Barossi
President, Metrpolitan Telephone
Iíve worked with Avalon Leasing for a number of years and weíve done a
large quantity of deals together. I have always been pleased with the
service I receive from them. Their efforts have been instrumental in my
company landing some great deals and as importantly, weíve never had a
problem with receipt of payment.

We consider our relationship with Avalon Leasing to be a very important
component of our sales effort and value their assistance greatly. I
would strongly recommend them to any company looking for a leasing
Hugh Albert
Vice-President Sales & Marketing, Automated Business Designs, Inc.
CISCOR has been using Avalon Leasing as a independent leasing source for our customers for several years. As a leader in the emergency call systems, CISCOR is pleased to pass on David Meltzerís name from Avalon leasing. We are not affiliated with Avalon, but our customers have told us they would use Avalon again for additional purchases.
David Jacobs
National Sales Manager, CISCOR

Lessee Testimonials

QX.net has worked with Avalon Leasing for nearly 10 years, and each and every experience we have had has been positive. Due to the fast paced nature of the Internet Industry, our equipment leasing needs change frequently - and Avalon has always been there for us with a competitive price and favorable terms. Even in complex situations with custom terms, Avalon has been there, and has responded to all our needs professionally and quickly. I would definitely recommend Avalon to anyone for their equipment leasing needs.
Jonathan Barker
CEO, QX.net
When we purchased our new software system, the software vendor suggested we contact Avalon Leasing. The next day I got something in the mail from another leasing company saying we were pre approved for up to $100,000.

Instead of calling Avalon, I contacted that company, and in the beginning they said sure no problem they could get us the lease. To make a long story short, we were not "Pre Approved" at all, and they came back and said that because we had not been in business long enough, they would not be able to do the lease for the amount of money we were looking for. We then contacted two companies we had leased phones and copiers from and they were not able to get us the lease we were looking for either.

We finally called Avalon, and they got us the lease on not only the software, but a significant amount of hardware and support as well. I wasted a lot of time and effort by not going to Avalon first. Our new software is working great, and Avalon Leasing helped make that possible.
Gary Johnson
Bear Staffing Services, Inc.
Thru the assistance of Avalon Leasing, we have been able to obtain necessary equipment in a timely fashion. Dave and Margaret continue to provide us with quick solutions to our equipment financing needs. Without Avalon, our efforts to automate and become the "low cost hommus provider" would not be possible.
Chris Gaudette
CFO, Cedar's Mediterranean Foods Inc.
A sincere "thank you" to Dave Meltzer and the staff at Avalon Leasing for the help in securing funds for my business. My application was expeditiously processed, allowing me to take advantage of an incredible business opportunity that otherwise would have passed me by.

I look forward to a continuing business relationship with Avalon Leasing and without hesitation highly recommend their financing services.
Glenn Krull
Glennís Appliance & More
Working with Avalon Leasing was a breeze. It was fast, little paperwork, and mostly importantly service was a delight. I would do it again.
E. Barsham
Universal Benefits
Upon deciding to purchase some new machinery for our cabinet shop, I discovered that it was out of my budget so I asked around for advice on financing options. My friend suggested that I consider leasing the machinery and referred me to David at Avalon Leasing. I live in MA and I figured I would deal with someone local but came to find out Avalon was in Georgia 1000 miles away. Let me just say that I am glad I listened to my friend. The distance was not an issue and the folks over at Avalon were very friendly and accommodating. Not only did they get me the money I needed, they dealt directly with the machinery company and took care of all the details. As soon as my wide belt sander arrived from Seattle, Avalon released the funds and the rest is history. I would not hesitate to recommend Avalon Leasing to anyone wishing to receive financing for equipment or machinery. The experience was excellent.
David West
Topsfield, MA