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With a network of nationwide funding sources, yet small enough to know your company personally, Avalon offers a superior blend of services and programs.


David Meltzer, President, has twenty two years of leasing industry experience serving a variety of equipment vendors and lessees. Responsible for sales and marketing, he provides problem solving solutions to vendors and their leasing customers. When speaking with Dave, you can expect immediate, honest replies to your questions. David is a former Eagle Scout, Scoutmaster and volunteer for other charitable organizations.

Margaret Campbell Meltzer is Treasurer. Hailing from Scotland, Margaret will pleasantly handle virtually any need that may arise. Margaret provides significant support, including credit investigation, vendor and leasing customer assistance, funding, and general business needs. In addition, Margaret helps run our business loan program.

Together, we are the proud parents of three sons. Robert, twenty-three, is halfway through a six year stint in the Air Force, having served in Kuwait and Iraq. Michael and Andrew are twenty-one year old twins, with Michael majoring in engineering and Andrew working in marketing.


With a proliferation of leasing companies nationwide the options facing lessees and vendors can be daunting. With tens of millions of dollars of leases having been written by us, we found that most customers seek the following:

  • Fair pricing combined with a fairly worded, customer friendly lease.
  • Excellent communications throughout the process.
  • One point of contact.
  • Fast credit replies and rapid vendor payment.

These represent what Avalon Leasing delivers since founded in 1996. Our high percentage of repeat business speaks volumes regarding the special service we provide consistently.

Read what people say about us:
Upon deciding to purchase some new machinery for our cabinet shop, I discovered that it was out of my budget so I asked around for advice on financing options. My friend suggested that I consider leasing the machinery and referred me to David at Avalon Leasing. I live in MA and I figured I would deal with someone local but came to find out Avalon was in Georgia 1000 miles away. Let me just say that I am glad I listened to my friend. The distance was not an issue and the folks over at Avalon were very friendly and accommodating. Not only did they get me the money I needed, they dealt directly with the machinery company and took care of all the details. As soon as my wide belt sander arrived from Seattle, Avalon released the funds and the rest is history. I would not hesitate to recommend Avalon Leasing to anyone wishing to receive financing for equipment or machinery. The experience was excellent.
David West
Topsfield, MA