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Avalon's Mission and Values

Success is helping others achieve their goals...

Company Purpose

Avalon Leasing's daily business operations reflect the premise that true concern for our customer's welfare will yield profitable results for all parties involved. Our leasing customers and equipment vendors are our most valuable assets. Most of Avalon's clients are small business owners, whose success directly impacts their families, employees, and other local businesses.

Our valuable services, which include access to working capital or funds to lease equipment, enable business owners to create and spread wealth. Most importantly, rest assured that your success is of paramount importance to us, and the capable staff at Avalon Leasing will work hard to help your business achieve its goals.

Mission Statement

" Avalon's guiding principle and mission is to provide excellent leasing services and products in an ethical fashion as to ensure our leasing customers acquire needed equipment, that our vendors achieve sales goals, that funding partners are satisfied, and that reasonable profits are achieved so that we may continue to beneficially service businesses that comprise the backbone of the American economy."
David Meltzer, President

Values Statement

To our Leasing Customers

  • Your patronage is our lifeblood. Accordingly, Avalon's staff will work diligently to secure the lease you require at a fair rental.
  • Your credit information will remain secure and confidential.
  • There are never, ever any hidden charges. None.
  • Our true lease purchase options are very reasonable.
  • We do not believe in “evergreen” clauses other than optional month to month rental at the end of a true lease, if so desired
  • Our experienced staff will “listen to your story” and write up your request accordingly as we pride ourselves on not being cookie cutter lenders.
  • We work hard to secure an approval on your behalf. Very hard.

To our Vendor Partners

  • Your customer will be treated with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Our company will do its best to approve your transaction quickly.
  • We promise to maintain excellent communications with you.
  • Our staff will listen to your needs and attempt to accommodate you.
  • Your transaction will be funded quickly
  • We will provide marketing tools that are efficient and easy to use.