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Avalon Leasing is a national provider of equipment and software leasing services to small and medium size businesses. Being a vendor driven organization, our strengths include customized leasing programs that assist equipment resellers with their marketing efforts. Additionally, Avalon offers superior personal service to both our suppliers and leasing customers alike.

Lessees benefit from Avalonís array of leasing programs including a wide credit window that allows us to approve a variety of credit profiles. Our financial resources and expertise allow us to finance a broad spectrum of customers, equipment types, and lease structures.

Simply put, our mission is to help both vendors and lessees achieve their business goals. Avalon welcomes the opportunity to become your financial partner now and the years ahead....

Avalon's vendor partners benefit from custom created leasing programs, knowledgeable and caring staff, and fast results. Our wide variety of offerings can address practically any leasing customer's needs. Our friendly, experienced staff handle transactions from application through the funding process with attentive, personal care thus improving sales efforts and cash flow.
Leasing Customers:
Avalon's basis for conducting business has been the provision of the best possible lease under attractive terms for our leasing customers. Lessees from small service companies to Fortune 500 organizations have benefited from our array of cost saving lease programs. We look forward to helping your company benefit from one of our cost effective leases.

A sampling of what our vendors and lessees say:

When we purchased our new software system, the software vendor suggested we contact Avalon Leasing. The next day I got something in the mail from another leasing company saying we were pre approved for up to $100,000.

Instead of calling Avalon, I contacted that company, and in the beginning they said sure no problem they could get us the lease. To make a long story short, we were not "Pre Approved" at all, and they came back and said that because we had not been in business long enough, they would not be able to do the lease for the amount of money we were looking for. We then contacted two companies we had leased phones and copiers from and they were not able to get us the lease we were looking for either.

We finally called Avalon, and they got us the lease on not only the software, but a significant amount of hardware and support as well. I wasted a lot of time and effort by not going to Avalon first. Our new software is working great, and Avalon Leasing helped make that possible.
Gary Johnson
Bear Staffing Services, Inc.